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Kota, the army headquarters town, lying on the east bank of the Chambal River, was once on a major trade route from Delhi. Known as the industrial capital of Rajasthan, it is in interesting blend of the old and the new. It is also Rajasthan's industrial centre for chemicals powered by the hydroelectric plants on the Chambal River and the nearby nuclear plant.

The history of the city dates back to the 12th century AD when the Had Chauhan Chieftain, Rao Deva, conquered the territory, defeat of the tribal Bhil chieftains and founded Bundi and Hadoti. Bundi was chosen as the capital, with Kota as the land grant of the ruler's eldest son. Later in the early 17th century, Rao Madho Singh, a son of the ruler of Bundi, was made ruler of Kota by the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Thus Kota became a separate state, remaining so until was integrated into Rajasthan after Independence. Subsequent rulers have all added to the fort and palaces, which stand here now.
  Place To See  
City Palace & Fort, Jag Mandir
  Things to do  
Heritage sightseeing, industrial alliances
  How to reach  
  By road and rail.  
  City Palace & Fort       Jag Mandir  
City Palace & Fort
Destination City Palace & Fort
Location Kota
State Rajasthan
Destination Type Heritage Site
Heritage sight seeing,Visit Museums/ Libraries
Located beside the Kota Barrage, overlooking the Chambal River, thee City Palace and Fort is one of the largest such complexes in Rajasthan. Some of its buildings are now occupied by schools, but most of the complex is open to public. Entry to the complex is from the south side through the Naya Darwaza or New Gate. The palace within contains some striking buildings with delicate ornamental stonework. The Hathi Pol (Elephant Gate) decorated with more recent murals, shows a royal wedding procession, while the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) is modelled on the one in Jaipur. The Bhim Mahal, an early 18th century Durbar Hall, is covered with Rajput miniature paintings documenting the town's history and local legends. Also within the palace is the Rao Madho Singh Museum which has a fine collection of weapons, old costumes, stuffed beasts and some of the best preserved murals in the state.
Jag Mandir
Destination Jag Mandir
Location Kota
State Rajasthan
Destination Type Heritage Site
Heritage sight seeing
It is an enchanting palace standing on a small island within the picturesque artificial tan of Kishore Sagar. The tank was constructed in 1346 but the palace was built much later in 740 by on of the Maharanis (Queen) of Kota. The azure water around the red sandstone monument enhances its beauty. Boat rides can be enjoyed in the lake.

Brij Vilas Palace Museum - located near the Kishore Sagar, this palace houses the Government Museum. Exhibits on display include stone idols, sculptural fragments from the archaeological sites of Baroli and Jhalawar, rare coins and manuscripts and a representative selection of Hadoti sculpture.

Gardens - Kota has several well-maintained gardens, a sight for sore eyes in this industrial town. On the banks of the Chambal River, south of the fort are the Chambal Gardens. The centerpiece of which is a pond stocked with crocodiles. The Chhattar Bilas Gardens has a curious collection of impressive royal cenotaphs.