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Mountaineering is the perfect adventure, for the body and soul. It is an attempt to reach the crypt of heaven, and explore the sprit of fantasy. India offers a crucial range of mountaineering opportunities on its challenging peaks - the climber enthusiast can treat in this romantic adventure in mountain ranges of Ladakh, the Nun-Kun Massif, in Jammu and Kashmir, in hills of Manali in Himalayas and Uttranchal. The major portion of Indian Himalayas are crowned in Indian sub-continent extending up to the entire northern stretch shaping a startling curve about 3,200km. Indian Himalayas hold the treasures of splendid valleys with their eternal charm.
Famous Mountaineering Places:
Mount Everest
The trip to the Mount Everest seems impossible from a distance, but the people have dared to touch this peak too. Not a Childs play, it dares the dent of the Mountaineers.
Majestic Himalayas
The foothills of Himalayas are the core of mountaineering activities in India. The area around Manali, Beas Kund and Hunuman Tibba are some of the popular mountaineering destinations in Himachal Pradesh. If you are a beginner then Tibba is a perfect mountaineering spot. The Chandra Bhaga ranges, Pir Panjal and Dhaulandhar ranges are the focal points of such an adventurous expedition.
Sikkim lies in India's Eastern Himalayas, the abode of 5 peaks of Kanchenjunga Mountain - the third-highest mountain in the world. The peaks are idle for climbing up the mountains, crossing the paths winding through green forests, waterfalls, untamed streams rambling through meadows, pilgrim routes and finally reaching the sacred monasteries perched high in splendid isolation.
Himachal and Uttranchal Ranges
The mountain valley of Himachal Pradesh towards the northeast captures a mountain kingdom of Lahaul‚ Spiti and the tribal belt of Kinnaur. Mountaineering on these peaks is just awesome, as these exquisite haunts are less explored.
North East Ranges
Towards the extreme east of India lies the abode of 7 sisters, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. These Himalaya ranges again have much of mountaineering scope, inhabited by friendly tribal folks. Mountain climbing in this region gives a captivating sight of high altitude rain forest dotted with spurs, pine trees and crest of the higher peaks of Himalayas. The hills of Assam are trimmed by the widespread Brahmaputra River, along its edge lies the Kaziranga National Park - the home of the one- horned Rhinoceros, which can be easily explored while taking up your mountaineering adventure.
Jammu and Kashmir
Num, Kun and Zanskar ranges are choicest summits that are loved mountaineers. The snow covered mountains not only offer great adventure but bewitch mountaineers with the variegated surroundings that adorn Kashmir. Climbing mountains here is like climbing up the heaven. The high peaks here will not only test your stamina but technical skills as well. Ladakh, here, is the most enthralling mountaineering destination with a number of high peaks testing mountaineers.
Garhwal draws a large number of trekkers in India. Either love for nature or passion for adventure; Garhwal is a perfect mountaineering spot. The snow covered mountain peaks of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Kamet, Bandarpoonch, and other peaks rising 1000 Mts. into the blue distant sky of the challenges to the mountaineers to surmount and prevail over.
K2 lies on the border of China and Pakistan, touching India.he first westerner who saw the peak was probably Lieutenant T.G. Montgomerie. In 1856, he was surveying the mountains in the area and spotted the extraordinary peaks of Karakoram, which he gave temporary names: K for Karakoram plus a number for each peak, e.g. K-1, K-2, and K-3 and so on. Today it is supposed to be one of the toughest peaks to climb.