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Mizoram, located at the southernmost of the northeastern region, is a place filled with variety of tribal culture, forested hills, plunging gorges and sparkling waterfalls. Mizoram is a recent formed state; it got its new status in 1972 as the 23rd state of Indian Union. Formerly known as Lushai Hills, Mizoram treasures the green plains of Assam, ranges of Mizoram hills with blooms of exotic flora and dense bamboo jungles rise drastically. Aizawl (Capital), Tamdil (Lake) and Phawngpui (Mizoram’s highest peak) are some of the main travel attractions of the state. Its literacy rate is 88.4% and is the second highest in the country. Mizoram also offers a large selection in folk culture with unique festivals and handicrafts. The beautiful northeastern state of India, Mizoram, slices its borders with Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Assam and Manipur. The word Mizo means highlander and Mizoram means “the land of mizos”, the hedonists, who are very particular about their ethics and deontology. The cities of Mizoram are cocooned by the mighty mystic mountains, rare flora and fauna and thick bamboo forests. On the contrary of these woods are the precipitous hills with lavish green fields. The meandering river with a graceful gait and shimmering waterfalls make up the exorbitant atmosphere of the state. The capital city Aizwal along with many others has potential of exciting tourism in Mizoram.

Mizoram which has a mountain landscape, dense bamboo forest, unexploited streams and a mild climate throughout the year is a travel place where anyone would love to explore. Aizawl perched on an altitude, about 4000ft.high ridge surrounded by the lush valleys of the rivers Tuirual on the east and Tiawng in the west. Palak Lake with its water lilies, Mizoram State Museum and Falklawn Mizo Village are the ideal places where the adventure-seeking people looking for greener pastures literally can find. Aizawal of today has grown into an important commercial and recreational centre attracting many tourists all the year round.

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