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  Alappuzha (Alleppey)    
  Tamil Nadu    
  Jammu & Kashmir    
  Himachal Pradesh    
  Area   307,690 sq. km
  Population   78.9 million
  Capital   Mumbai
  Main Language   Marathi
  Best time to visit   September to April (coast) September   to mid - June (hills)
Maharashtra is a picturesque state in Western India, with a 720 km coastline and dominates the heart of the Peninsula. The mountain ranges ‘Western Ghats’ run parallel to the coast and have some scenic and inviting hill stations.The rest of the State stands on the high Deccan plateau, the seat of Marathas who successfully defied the might of the Mughals under the fearless rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The State is dotted by rugged forts that stand mute witnesses to the march of warrior kings, foreign trading vessels and invaders from across the seas. The dry western margins of the plateau have sites from the earliest prehistoric settlements and Paleolithic remains in India. Over the ages, Maharashtra were ruled by the Satavahanas (230 BC to 225 AD), mughals and Marathas. Controlled by the Peshwas, the Marathas retained power until they upset the British in 1817. After Independence, western Maharashtra and Gujarat were joined to form Bombay State. The present state was formed in 1960 when the Marathi and Gujarati speaking areas were again separated.

Because of its geographical location, its tradition of trade and commerce and the tolerant attitude of its inhabitants, people of many different faiths have settled here. These communities have worshipped and lived in complete freedom and almost every religion of the world is represented in this State. Its booming capital Mumbai, makes it not only one of the most important states economically, but also a major gateway for overseas visitors.

The main entry point into the State is Mumbai, the capital. It is an international airport and one of the major gateways to India. Mumbai is extensively connected not only to all the major cities of the country but also of the world. It is also connected to all important cities in India by train and by road.
  Ajanta   Aurangabad   Ellora  
  Mumbai   Nasik   Pune